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Annual report 2013

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We participate, usually in cooperation with other parties, in a number of projects that contribute to the security of supply in the field of gas in Europe. The most important of these are mentioned below.


The increasing need for natural gas combined with declining European production requires additional import. That is why we participate in Gate. This terminal, located on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam, is the first import terminal for LNG in the Netherlands. At the terminal, LNG is stored, regasified and pressurised for distribution to the Dutch gas transport network. Gate allows quick access to the large nearby potential consumer markets for natural gas in north-west Europe. Gasunie’s interest in the terminal is 47.5%.

Nord Stream

Nord Stream is a pipeline through the Baltic Sea that connects Russia with Europe. It has provided the European pipeline network with an extra connection to gas flows from Russia, thus contributing to a stable gas supply in Europe. Our interest in Nord Stream is 9%.


The NEL is the connecting pipeline between Nord Stream and our German network. It allows gas from Russia to flow directly into our network. Our interest in this pipeline is 25.13%.


BBL is a pipeline from Balgzand in the Netherlands to Bacton in the UK. The pipeline contributes to a stable supply of gas in the United Kingdom, which to a large extent depends on imported gas for its gas supply.  Gasunie has an interest of 60% in BBL.

Gasunie Zuidwending

This facility for underground gas storage compensates for short-term fluctuations in the supply and demand of natural gas. The high flexibility of this buffer is important for balancing the portfolios of the Zuidwending customers and the GTS network. This gas storage is unique in the Netherlands – never before was natural gas stored here in underground layers of salt. We have a 100% interest in Gasunie Zuidwending.