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Annual report 2013

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Gasunie is one of the largest gas infrastructure companies in Europe. Our network annually conveys approximately 125 billion cubic metres of natural gas (1,221 billion kWh) – almost a quarter of the total gas consumption in the European Union. We are the first European gas transport company with a cross-border network. This network consists of more than 15,500 kilometres of pipeline in the Netherlands and Germany, connections to national and international pipeline systems, hundreds of installations and approximately 1,300 gas receiving stations.

We are aware of the important role we play in society with respect to ensuring safe and reliable gas transport, thereby guaranteeing part of the energy supply.

We manage and develop gas infrastructure and gas trading points: gas transport networks, international transit pipelines, gas storage, an LNG terminal and the virtual gas trading points TTF (the Netherlands) and GASPOOL (Germany). All this forms the basis for the services we provide to our customers, enabling us to contribute to a liquid, competitive and reliable European energy market. Through our infrastructure and services, we connect our domestic market with the rest of the European gas market. By making optimal use of gas and LNG in the supply chain, we contribute to the development of a sustainable supply of energy. Our network functions increasingly as an international hub in the throughput of gas.

We occupy an independent position in relation to production companies and/or suppliers and apply an open-access model: our infrastructure is available to all our customers on equal conditions, and our services are transparent and non-discriminatory. Our customers are gas producers, shippers, traders, distribution companies and sizeable end-users, such as power stations and large industries.

At year-end 2013, we had 1,731 employees, distributed over more than 30 locations in the Netherlands and North Germany, and with agencies in The Hague, Berlin, Brussels and Moscow. Our headquarters are in Groningen, and our main office in Germany is located in Hanover. We make an important contribution to employment opportunities through the contractors and subcontractors in the Netherlands and Germany whom we hire to work on our projects.

The Dutch State is our only shareholder.