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Annual report 2013

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Developments in the labour market

Over the past few years, our organisation has changed from a Dutch into a European infrastructure company. We operate in a dynamic and competitive environment, in which the transition towards a more sustainable energy supply plays a key role. This development requires new skills and knowledge (e.g., in the field of mergers and acquisitions, underground gas storage activities and sustainability). The labour market is also subject to change. Globally, we can distinguish three trends that are particularly significant for us:

  • Despite the high level of unemployment in the Netherlands, we are still seeing a shortage in the labour market of technically trained people.
  • In addition, the retirement age is gradually moving, over a number of years, from 60 to 67. This means that our employees and the structure of our organisation will need to meet new requirements.
  • As an organisation, we want to be able to respond alertly and quickly to current developments in the energy sector and to interesting business opportunities.

These developments require an HR policy that focuses on the sustainable employability of employees. We will explain this in more detail in the section on Organisational development.