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Annual report 2013

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In 2013, Gasunie Nederland took on 48 employees. We aim for an even spread across the age groups in our workforce. Since we have a relatively large number of older employees, our current preference is to fill external vacancies with younger employees.

From the point of view of recruitment and selection, employees in the fields of IT, Finance, Technology and Legal Affairs are particularly important for us. In our labour market communication policy, we therefore focus on graduates in these target groups, in particular those with a technical degree. Besides using our own company website and job sites, we do this in various ways. For instance, we make our building available to student associations, use social media and are present at graduate recruitment fairs. Because in some fields there is a real shortage of technicians with upper secondary vocational education, we developed a Facebook page for this target group in 2013. In addition, we give guest lectures at regional training centres. We also offer potential employees an opportunity to get to know our company as interns or trainees. In 2013, we had 58 trainee posts and student traineeships (in 2013, 5 trainees took part in our formal trainee programme).

As part of our commitment to make the organisation even more efficient, we looked at the ratio between permanent staff and secondees in 2013. From now on, departments who used to employ secondees on a long-term basis will be required to employ permanent staff instead. We checked whether these positions were crucial and whether the required knowledge and expertise are difficult to find in the labour market. This has led to an increase in the number of permanent employees in our IT department, for instance.